SNOOZ Sleep Sound Machine Review

A hands-on review of the SNOOZ white noise sound machine: Unboxing, setup, placement, and more.

Getting started

Before I get into the actual review of the SNOOZ sound machine. I would like to start by explaining what a sound machine is and what makes it different from those white noise iPhone apps.

At first glance, you will see something quite familiar-a smart speaker.


However, this is not a speaker that plays digitally recorded looped sounds over and over while you try and fall asleep. Instead, there is a small motor nestled inside the beautifully stitched acoustically designed body. This motor powers a fan that creates a non-repeating, soothing white noise.

Although almost all mechanical white noise machines follow the same fundamental design, not all are created equally. This is where SNOOZ comes out ahead.


Build quality and package engineering

One of the first things you will notice when you start to unbox the SNOOZ is its impeccable packaging and fun design. There isn't much to the packaging-no annoying straps or clamshells requiring tools to open. The device itself feels substantial. Weighing in at just 1.1 lbs, it maintains its portability. The body fits perfectly and there are no visible gaps.

Ease of use and features

As I held it, I promptly noticed that the entire exterior rotates around the base allowing you to quickly adjust the tone of the fan. You can fine-tune the exact type of white noise ranging from a small table fan to an airplane cabin. On the top, there is a smooth gloss white surface with capacitive touch buttons controlling the speed of the fan thus controlling the volume produced.

Mobile app connectivity

Not only is the SNOOZ easy to control within arms reach, but you can adjust the volume from across the room via BLUETOOTH! This feature is incredibly useful as it is recommended to place the SNOOZ away from your bed for optimal white noise dispersion.


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